AKK Sports as an event organiser

AKK Sports as an event organiser

AKK Sports Ltd is a marketing company wholly owned by AKK-Motorsport ry, the Finnish Automobile Sport Federation. We at AKK Sports may be relatively unknown to many, but our national and especially our international events, like Neste Rally Finland, are probably familiar to most sports fans.

Our mission is to produce quality motorsport experiences for Finns, for our international guests and other stakeholders to enjoy year after year.

We are probably best known as the organisation behind Neste Rally Finland. Jyväskylä, which is the hub of the rally, has become a second home to us. The event, which traditionally takes place in late summer, takes the lion’s share of our time every year. Many rally makers who work in our organisation, starting from the managing director, have launched their careers with Neste Rally Finland.

It is a great honour for us to be able to continue the traditions that have become part of the event over the decades and to pass them on from generation to generation. The traditions together with the modern rally concept create a sense of continuity and ensure the development of this quality event without forgetting its valuable roots.

We want to be an event that is reliable, responsible and easy to approach. These values are reflected in our operations as openness and quality service offering. In addition, we like to connect people and be involved in creating the most varied stories you can imagine. Those stories are often life-long. Alongside our action-packed sports, we have the energy to get excited time and time again by our guests’ stories, which we hear at our events around Finland – and often around the world too.

In addition to Neste Rally Finland, we are visible on the national level in the Finnish Championship series in rallyingrallycross and racing. Our professional skills also include TV production services. The AKK driver path, built under the Flying Finn concept and the insignia, is present in different ways in all of our projects.

First and foremost, we want our events to offer motorsport entertainment to everybody from toddler to senior. It is important to us that the spectators, officials and competitors alike can enjoy our action-packed events in skilfully managed settings. We have always strived to make our events as safe as possible both for our spectators and competitors.

We highly appreciate the dialogue that we have had and continue to have with different parties to improve the safety of the events. We hope that the dialogue will remain active also in the future. A good example of this is the campaign aimed at improving safety on the roads, which was launched in 2013 as part of the FIA Action for Road Safety, and honoured as the Action of the Year in Finnish Auto and Traffic Gala in 2018. We also will continue our work for more enviromentally responsible motorsport. Both the Finnish Federation and the Rally Finland, have achieved the highest level of the three-level FIA Environmental Accreditation system.

We at AKK Sports will continue to improve ourselves in order to be able to offer the best possible experiences with motorsport, equally for everyone. You are warmly welcome along, whether as a spectator, competitor, partner, service staff member or official – come and have action-packed time with us and create your own motorsport story!