Safety Instructions for Spectators

Safety Instructions for Spectators

» Always follow instructions given by the safety stewards and Rally Finland officials.
» Take care of yourself and your friends.
» Remember to drink non-alcoholic fluids, especially in hot weather.  
» Respect the privacy of local residents. Do not go near or enter any yards.
» Making fires in the Rally Finland road closure and event areas is strictly forbidden (this also includes disposable BBQs etc.), unless the landowner has specifically - provided a place where making fires is permitted.
» Follow the signposts and marked routes. Also, please favour the spectator areas organised by the rally organiser and specified in the Rally Finland Official Programme.

Security checks and ticket control at the stages 

At the Harju City Special Stage and Paviljonki Service Park entrances, security checks will be carried out by safety stewards to all rally-goers entering these areas in conjunction with the ticket control. Any prohibited items will be removed and taken to the Jyväskylä police station. The safety stewards will make the final decision about whether an item is safe to bring into the event area or not.

Prohibited items and substances at Harju City Special Stage and Paviljonki Service Park

It is prohibited to bring opened containers of liquid (opened beverage bottles etc.), drugs/narcotics, glass bottles, firearms, knives or weapons of any kind, multi-tools, explosives, fireworks, flares etc. into the Rally Finland event areas. Umbrellas are not prohibited, but it is not recommended to bring them into the Paviljonki Service Park area. So, if the weather is bad, the organiser recommends that you bring a raincoat instead of an umbrella. Disposable rain ponchos are sold in several shops and service stations all over the Jyväskylä region as well as in the Rally Shops selling Official Rally Finland Merchandise. All removed items and substances will be taken to the Jyväskylä police station, apart from the opened bottles and other containers of fluid, which will be duly recycled.

Alcohol, bottles bringing your own snacks

Bringing alcohol into public events is prohibited. The ban also includes non-alcoholic beers, ciders and other similar beverages that cannot quickly be distinguished from alcohol. Intoxicated or otherwise disruptive individuals will be removed from the event areas by the safety stewards. Separate bar areas, where you can buy beer, cider, Long Drink etc. as well as non-alcoholic beverages, can be found in most event areas. Some of these bar areas are fully licensed. Age limit for the bar areas is 18 years. Please bring official ID.

Bringing non-alcoholic beverages into the event areas is allowed, as long as the containers brought into the areas are unopened or completely empty. The same rules apply for e-cigarette liquids, i.e. unopened packages, from which it can be determined that the product is what it is said to be, can be brought into the event areas.

You can pack your own food and snacks for the event, as long as you remember to leave all glassware at home. Please also bear in mind, that making an open fire is prohibited in the event areas – apart from the possible places especially designated for that purpose. Bringing knives or other blades is prohibited.

Do not leave any drink containers or food wrappings/packaging on the ground or elsewhere. Please use the rubbish bins provided, or take the rubbish with you when you leave the event areas.

Smoking, pets and bicycles

In the Paviljonki Service Park, there are separate signposted areas where smoking is allowed. There are no specific restrictions on smoking in the other event areas, but please make sure you don’t leave any rubbish behind and note any possible forest fire warnings. It is prohibited to bring bicycles, pets or other animals into the Harju City Special Stage and the Paviljonki Service Park.

First aid and medical care

At the Paviljonki Service Park, there is a first aid station where any possible cuts and bruises of the service park visitors will be treated by first aid staff trained by the Finnish Red Cross. The first aid station is open throughout the event. There are also first aid teams patrolling the event areas. They can also guide you to follow-up care, if necessary. If you are in need of first aid, please approach any first aid or security staff or any other event official!

112 is the familiar common emergency number, where help is also immediately available.


Rally cars can be very loud, so make sure to protect your hearing, if necessary. 

Lost and found

After the event, all items worth more than 50 euros will be taken to the police station nearest to the event area.