Rally Finland Media Services

Rally Finland Media Services

Media accreditation - Rally Finland 2021

Opening date for media accreditation (national and international): 2 August 2021.

- Accreditation requests for national/Finland-based media (Photographers, Print Medias, Radios and Websites) must be sent exclusively until 3 September 2021 to the National Press Officer Linda Hirvonen - [email protected]

- International media (news and photo agencies, print and web media) outside of Finland must apply through the FIA AMS platform: http://wrc.ams.fia.com/ until 10 September 2021. Please make sure that you upload a formal application letter signed by the Chief editor of the publication or agency, as well as recent proofs of publication of the journalist or photographer to be accredited.

- International radio and TV media (also national TV media) must apply through WRC Promoter (Until 10 September): [email protected]
- Media personal of teams competing in Rally Finland must apply through WRC Promoter (Until 10 September): [email protected]